Live Greyhound Racing at Ebro Greyhound Park and Poker Room

 hot-dogIt's the only way to describe Tuesday's live racing nights at Ebro Greyhound Park...HUGE! With free admission and $1 hot dogs and beverages the fans are flocking up highway 79 in droves but from a betting point of view, it's double the bonus. More people means larger betting pools and larger betting pools means more value. In the end, it's bigger payouts and bigger smiles all round. Ready to experience Tuesday nights at Ebro?

Meanwhile, Hot dogs are going down by the mouthful right now at Ebro Greyhound Park and the one night you don't want to be one is Tuesday. Just another reason Tuesdays rock! Anyway, it's not a safe zone for hot dogs! HotDogContestThumbThe Hot Dog Eating Contest has caused that real competitive nature to emerge within folks and with the revised rules now limiting a contestant to eight hot dogs in four minutes, contestants "are coming out of the woodwork". And just two weeks ago, the winner "eight" the lot in his allotted time! See the contest rules here

We will help you find the winners at Ebro! Yes, you read that right...we help you find the winners at Ebro Greyhound Park. You don't just walk through the front entrance and are left to your own devices. We pride ourselves on the fact that we do our best to find those elusive winners. Ebro has several resources to steer you in the right direction. You can pick up a Swifty's Tip Sheet which comes with a solid guarantee; you can follow the handicapper's tips in the program guide or listen to the Late Mail selections as the greyhounds parade to the boxes. It's all there for you.

KidsRacing2Ebro Greyhound Park's Friday Family Fun Nights are back in a big way and they are attracting more families to the track than ever. All we can say is, if you want to give your kids one of the best experiences of their lives, turn them loose at Ebro on a Friday night...within reason of course! Friday nights are geared towards the kids as they get to meet a host of mascots; they get to race on the track against each other and best of all, they get free ice-cream and free food from the kids menu (with purchase of Adult Buffet) . You'll be number one in their eyes for sure. 

"It's Double-Double Wednesday! Yes, you read that right. You'll be seeing double on Wednesday nights at Ebro Greyhound LuckyThumbPark...double the fun that is! Free admission for everyone, $2 program and tip sheet combo, $2 kids surprise pack plus...available at our concession stands a free drink for everyone anytime the 2 dog wins the second race on either the Twilight or Evening performances...but that's not all! There's also $2 large beers or sodas all night long and Ebro’s Poker Room will be giving away $100 to anyone that has a winning hand with pocket twos and if that's not enough, collect Ebro's lucky $2 bills at the betting windows and win cash and prizes when your serial number matches the winning number.