Adopt a greyhound at Ebro Greyhound Park and Poker Room

All our greyhounds here at Ebro have a great home now!  They are well taken care of and doing what they love to do each and every night!  But one day when they are done having fun here at Ebro, they will find a place to call home.  While the greyhound is quick on the race track, they are just as quick to adapt to life as companions.  They are sweet, personable, and loveable dogs.  General Custer traveled with one as did George Washington.  And today’s fans include author J.K. Rowling, Simpson’s creator Matt Groenig, and actress Bo Derek – who owns several retired racers.  Ebro is proud to have been apart of placing hundreds of greyhounds in loving homes over the years and PLEDGES that we will help every greyhound find a forever home.

Ebro is proud to have helped place hundreds of retired racing greyhounds into loving homes around the country. One of mans best and fastest friends greyhounds are sweet, personable and loveable dogs. Quick on the racetrack and just as to quick to adapt to life as a companion and friend.  If you are looking for a faithful and trusting pet, we encourage you to consider one of our former champions!


For Information on How To Adopt A Greyhound visit the Greyhound Adoption Center in the Ebro Gift Shop or call us at 850-234-3943 Ext 112.