Greyhound Wagering at Ebro Greyhound Park and Poker Room

The Toteboard

The Tote Board displays the information regarding each race such as the Current Odds, Order Of Finish, Payouts, Race Time, Minutes To Post, and Pool Totals.  Each runner is listed by number on the odds board a for the WIN and QUINELA pools. They have no relation to the PLACE, or SHOW or TRIFECTA pools.....



  Each Quinela combination is listed with the odds posted next to the combinations.  The odds fluctuate during the minutes before the race, base upon the amout of the money being wagered on each dog to Win or a Quinela combination.  If many wagers are placed on one dog or Quinela combination, the odds go down. If there are only a few wagers, the odds go up.The odds listed on the board are all to $1.00 .  For example, if a dog or a Quinela combination wins at 5-1 odds a win on a $2 bet would pay approximately $12.  That's five times the amount of the wager plus $2 for the cost of the wager. After the race is official, the oddsboard willl show which dogs finish first, second and third, and will show payoffs on all wagers for the race.


How To Read the Ebro Greyhound Park Tote Board