Greyhound Wagering at Ebro Greyhound Park and Poker Room

The Toteboard

The Tote Board displays the information regarding each race such as the Current Odds, Order Of Finish, Payouts, Race Time, Minutes To Post, and Pool Totals.  Each runner is listed by number on the odds board a for the WIN and QUINELA pools. They have no relation to the PLACE, or SHOW or TRIFECTA pools.....


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Pari- Mutuel Wagering

"Pari-Mutuel" means "betting among ourselves" Patrons are not wagering against the track, they wager against other players.  Ebro Greyhound Park, through the Totalisator, acts as an agent or stakeholder for the wagering and deducts a percentage fixed by Florida law.  Ebro Greyhound Park has no finacial interest allowable in the outcome of any race.....


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The Race Track at Ebro

Ebro Greyhound Park's track consists of a Clay Marel Sand Mixture and offers a great racing surface for the greyhounds. The mechanical lure is an inside rail system.  The lure arm extends 3.5 feet from the rail and resumes a distance of about 25ft in front of the leading runner.  A Greyhound can run the 5/16 course in less than 31 seconds. That's over 53 feet per second!

The Racetrack at Ebro Greyhound Park and Poker Room

Greyhound Racing Terms

Greyhound Racing Terms

Need a refresher on all of the terms used during the exciting Greyhound Races at Ebro?  Here's the full list so you can make the most out of your trip to the races!


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